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Re: [Libcdio-devel] libcdio 0.83 release around Oct 27

From: Dagobert Michelsen
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] libcdio 0.83 release around Oct 27
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2011 16:02:19 +0200

Hi Thomas,

Am 20.10.2011 um 14:54 schrieb Thomas Schmitt:
>> I've never had problems compiling git from source. (And yes,
>> opencsw.orgdoes provide a package for git were you not so reluctant.)
> I have to confess that i have few clue about Solaris system administration.
> If i remember right, then i only have instructions how to download
> from SUN's repositories. (And even those i would have to search.)

It is as easy as
  pkgadd -d
  /opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -i git

Make sure to have
before calling "git".

See here for details

>> Ah. So the problem we are trying to solve is using Sun's C compiler on
>> Solaris 64-bit systems with the largefile support to compile the example
>> programs. In my view somewhat border-case thing to do.
> It is a 32-bit system, albeit running on an amd64 machine.

See lf64(5) and lfcompile(5) for details on the needed flags.

>> Especially as Solaris use will probably be declining.
> Let's hope it makes another u-turn some time in the future. 


I missed the start of the thread. Anything specific I can help with on
Solaris issues?

Best regards

  -- Dago

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