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[Libcdio-devel] libcdio-0.83git on Solaris snv134 sees no drives

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: [Libcdio-devel] libcdio-0.83git on Solaris snv134 sees no drives
Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 15:29:47 +0200


i got OpenSolaris snv 134 running with gcc and
Base image:
Development stuff fetched via internet by:
   pkg install developer/gcc/address@hidden
   pkg install developer/debug/address@hidden

This suffices for building my own stuff and
obviously for libcdio.

Obstacles with libcdio-0.83git of 8 May 2010:

make aborts with
  ../../include/cdio++/iso9660.hpp:151: error:
  expected identifier before numeric constant

The code piece is

  class FS : public CdioDevice // ISO 9660 Filesystem on a CD or CD-image

I added at the beginning of the iso9660.hpp

  #ifdef FS
  #undef FS


As with FreeBSD 8-RELEASE i got
  /usr/bin/perl ./  >usage.h
  Expecting exactly one argument, a filename at ./ line 6.
  *** Error code 255
and copied src/cd-paranoia/usage.txt from Linux.

Warnings with libcdio-0.83git of 8 May 2010

Several source files do not comply to the demand
of Solaris man lfcompile to define eventual
_FILE_OFFSET_BITS before including any system
I see this macro in autools generated header

This code

  #include <sys/types.h>
  #include <cdio/cdio.h>
  #include <cdio/udf.h>

  #include <stdio.h>

  #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
  # include "config.h"

produces this warning

  In file included from udffile.c:38:
  ../config.h:332:1: warning: "_FILE_OFFSET_BITS" redefined
  In file included from /usr/include/sys/types.h:33,
                   from udffile.c:31:

Here is a list of affected source files.
(header.h) gives the #include which happens too
E.g. udf_private.h includes config.h and thus
should be the first #include in lib/udf/udf.c

  lib/udf/udf.c (udf_private.h)
  lib/udf/udf_file.c (udf_private.h)
  lib/cdda_interface/common_interface.c (common_interface.h)
  src/cd-paranoia/report.c (config.h)
  example/cdchange.c (config.h)
  example/isofile.c (config.h)
  example/isofile2.c (portable.h)
  example/isofuzzy.c (portable.h)
  example/paranoia.c (config.h)
  example/udffile.c (config.h)

But it shows no drives

  $ example/drives
  cdio 3 message: open (/vol/dev/aliases/cdrom0): No such file or directory

There is no directory /vol in the root of my

Two drives are attached. Command mount tells that
the IDE DVD-ROM gets mounted via
which is a link to 
cdrecord calls it

The SATA DVD burner is

Are there any proposals what i should try in


Have a nice day :)


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