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Re: [Libcdio-devel] Re: Submission of new mmc function for libcdio

From: Rocky Bernstein
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] Re: Submission of new mmc function for libcdio
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 21:14:52 -0500

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 8:41 PM, Frank Endres <address@hidden>wrote:

> Hi !
> ...
> (I had never heard about MMC commands until Wednesday).

My condolences.

> I use libcdio only for a few days, and I need some features (functions) to
> help media detection for my "own" software (SimpleBurn). I will write them
> and propose them for integration into libcdio (like mmc_get_disc_erasable).
> I will do my best to code quality functions and associated tests.

Many thanks. That libcdio is as good as it is, is a result of people like

> For a "mmc_get_disc_information" function ("mmc_get_discmode" could be
> confusing with "cdio_get_discmode"),

Yes. You've probably figured this out already, but I'll write it anyway.

Things that start "cdio_" relate to drives that may or may not understand
MMC. For example ejecting a disc is something that OS's provides as a
service, whether or not the drive understands MMC.

Things that start "mmc_" relate to drives that understand (or are made to
understand via emulation) MMC. And here you have to get the function done
pretty much *only* using information accessible from MMC.

Where there is a cdio_xxx and an mmc_xxx the intent is that they do the same
xxx thing with the caveat above.

> we need to define what information
> about the media we need: type (dvd, cd...), content (blank, iso9660, udf,
> audio... => maybe we'll need per track content) session state, size,
> capacity, 'capabilities' (writable, rewritable) ...
> As soon as I have time, I will think about a structure
> ("disc_information_s"
> for example) and associated enumerations and constants.

Ok. Take your time. And Thanks!

> Have a nice day !

Programmers do "days"? ;-)

> Frank

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