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[Libcdio-devel] ack! another bug fixed in mmc_read_cd....

From: Robert William Fuller
Subject: [Libcdio-devel] ack! another bug fixed in mmc_read_cd....
Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 06:00:46 -0400
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Turns out mmc_read_cd() was ignoring the read_sector_type and treating everything as CDIO_MMC_READ_TYPE_ANY. I do not know when this occurred but it seems like it happened at the introduction of the CDIO_MMC_SET_READ_TYPE macro. Basically, the broken code looked like this:

  i_read_type = read_sector_type << 2;
  if (b_digital_audio_play) i_read_type |= 0x2;
  CDIO_MMC_SET_READ_TYPE(cdb.field, i_read_type);

where the macro looks like this:

#define CDIO_MMC_SET_READ_TYPE(cdb, sector_type) \
  cdb[1] = (sector_type << 2)

Because of the double shift, once in the macro, and once in mmc_read_cd(), the read_sector_type was being put into the reserved field of the cdb where it was ignored. I fixed it with this code (and eliminated a local variable in the process:)

  CDIO_MMC_SET_READ_TYPE(cdb.field, read_sector_type);
  if (b_digital_audio_play) cdb.field[1] |= 0x2;

Of course the unfortunate side of this is that if somebody has broken code that depends on broken behavior, they'll now get an error instead of erroneous success.

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