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Re: [Libcdio-devel] Using major/minor device numbers to determine SCSI o

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] Using major/minor device numbers to determine SCSI or ATAPI
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 06:07:01 -0400

Steven M. Schultz writes:
 >      Hmmm, is the PCM data on music CDs little endian?  

Don't know squat about PCM data. Is that stored as audio-format tracks
rather than mode 1 or mode 2 which has error correction? If so, it
isn't a problem.

 >      Ah ha!  I think you're on to something there.  It might be that MMC
 >      drives pass the data thru without the byte flipping that some of the
 >      old proprietary interfaces did.  The SCSI drives I had ages ago were
 >      MMC compatible and didn't flip the bytes.

Probably that's the problem that cdparanoia is addressing. 

 >      Is it possible/likely that some of that logic in cdparanoia dates
 >      from the era of proprietary interfaces (i.e. before the MMC standards)?
 >      If so then is it worth worrying about?  

First there's the "If so" part that I don't really now. As for the "is
it worth worrying about" part, well if libcdio's cd-paranoia is to be
a credible replacement for cdparanoia it should probably handle the
same kinds of CD-ROM drives that are currently in use and handled
correctly by cdparaoia. This came up not as an academic excercise but
because someone on GNU/Linux had SCSI emulation of an ATAPI drive. In
this case though his drive was little endian.

 > Can't be too many of those
 >      drives/interfaces still around I'd think.  And the last SCSI drives
 >      I had (not sure if they're still being made in any great numbers).

I don't have enough experience past or present to know.  cdparanoia
contains a drive-exceptions list that hasn't been ported in libcdio.

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