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Re: [Libcdio-devel] Export cd's without mounting them. samba vfs module

From: R. Bernstein
Subject: Re: [Libcdio-devel] Export cd's without mounting them. samba vfs module using gnu's libcdio
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 17:01:21 -0500

2Dan Sturtevant queries:
 > Do you have any Rock Ridge documentation or do you know where to get it?
 > We might try to make a stab at it.

A google search turned up this:

One can also look code for the GNU/Linux ISO-9660 filesystem driver.
I think the relevant portion is .../linux-*/fs/isofs/rock.c

Somewhere in there I saw a comment that indicated special care needs
to be take when one handles *both* Joliet and Rock Ridge
extensions. (One of them has to be handled first for some aspect.)

 > What we're really trying to do here is emulate windows CD behavior
 > over a SMB share.
 > This means the drive should never be locked.  It seems like the kernel
 > is locking the door for us even though we just have an open handle to
 > the /dev/cdrom device.  We're not quite sure what's causing this.  

You didn't mention what OS. Probably not Solaris because most Solaris
users about the vold daemon that does its magic. On RedHat there is a
MagicDev package that I think handles the CD.

 > Thanks again for writing libcdio.  It's a great piece of code.

Gee, it's rare when anybody writes that. 

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