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Re: [Lash-dev] Re: [LAD] LASH - some questions & comments

From: schoappied
Subject: Re: [Lash-dev] Re: [LAD] LASH - some questions & comments
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2008 16:57:22 +0200
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Juuso Alasuutari wrote:
Nedko Arnaudov wrote:
"Emanuel Rumpf" <address@hidden> writes:


Hello Emanuel

I get handler/signal doesn't exist messages.
If I press the save button in lash_panel:

lash_control_signal_handler: Received unknown signal 'ProjectSaved'
lash_control_signal_handler: Received unknown signal

Is that expected behavior ?
(lash 6.0rc1, Compiled with JACK 0.109.2, D-Bus 1.2.1, libxml2 2.6.32,
ALSA 1.0.16 )

 $ lash_save_button
lash_control_signal_handler: Received unknown signal
Add client (New Project): c93429bd-c532-4482-b33b-d156ff53c8a7
method_default_handler: Method "SaveProject" with signature "" on
interface "org.nongnu.LASH.Server" doesn't exist

I haven't really tested liblash control API after dbus changes. I think
it is safe to assume that it is deprecated. Thus, please test with
patchage or lpatchage instead of lash_panel and lash_save_button.

Juuso and Dave, do you think we should remove these control apps from
make install?

Hi, and sorry for the long absence. I think I will now get more interested about LASH and help with the next release.

I think the old API control apps should no longer get installed, but their source code could stay for the time being. We should work on the new API.


Hi guys,

There is posted a message for testers here: and a discussion about lash here:

If you need testers in the future maybe good to left a message there or/ and on the LAU mailinglist?


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