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FOSDEM 2012 -- devroom dedicated to [multiserver] microkernels, or gener

From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: FOSDEM 2012 -- devroom dedicated to [multiserver] microkernels, or generic alt-OS
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 19:01:01 +0200
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I was contacted by jermar on IRC, a developer of HelenOS, which is
another multiserver microkernel based OS, <http://www.helenos.org/>.

He and also some folks from the MINIX3 group were thinking whether to
propose a developer room for the upcoming FOSDEM 2012.  The idea is for
having a devroom dedicated to [multiserver] microkernels, or a generic
alt-OS room as a fallback.

The deadline for applications is in three days already.

Are we interested in this?  I said we generally are, but that I have no
idea how many of us will make it to FOSDEM next year.

Then, our group will need to find things to do in the devroom, provide a
portion of the content.  This can be (but is not limited to):
presentations, brainstorming, coding sessions.

Please answer quickly.  Are you interested in this?  Can you already
forsee whether you'll make it to FOSDEM next year, 4th/5th February 2012,


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