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[ANNOUNCE] NOVA Microhypervisor 0.4 prerelease

From: Udo A. Steinberg
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] NOVA Microhypervisor 0.4 prerelease
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 20:04:47 +0200


The NOVA project is happy to announce that there is a new prerelease of the
NOVA microhypervisor available for download at http://www.hypervisor.org/
under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

NOVA is based on a modern microhypervisor written in C++ and assembler.
The current implementation runs on multi-core x86 machines that support ACPI,
under QEMU (including VM support), and as a microkernel in a virtual machine
on top of itself. 

NOVA makes use of hardware virtualization features such as Intel VT-x/VT-d
or AMD-V, and facilitates running unmodified guest operating systems in
virtual machines with near-native performance.

Among other things, the new prerelease improves the security of device- and
interrupt assignment by using capabilities for these operations. There is
also a new hypercall for interacting with the scheduler.

At the same time, we've released a new version of the NOVA Userland (NUL).
While there are few user-visible changes, a lot has changed under the hood.
We have integrated a central admission server that is going to implement
global policies for CPU time distribution in a future release. Another
notable development is rudimentary libvirt support, which will eventually
replace the old configuration syntax.


        - Udo

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