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Re: sustainable development

From: William Leslie
Subject: Re: sustainable development
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2009 13:48:08 +1100

2009/11/15 steve paesani <address@hidden>:
>> If nobody pays development, no development takes place.
> True, free software is, by fact, a myth. Lest developers have starved to
> death
> after 7 or so days of programming GPL licensed code they were sustained,
> somehow, by others which invariably equates to getting paid.
> The organised and suastained suport however form much of the software
> written
> in this manner can be said by some if not may to be lacking.

You seem to have misunderstood the meaning of the words "free
software". Free software has nothing to do with the price that anyone
pays, it has *only* to do with the absence of rude restrictions on
what people can do with it.

I think you mean to say that quite a bit of free software development
is funded. This makes the software no less free (it has, in many
cases, made it /more/ free).

Using the term to refer to software that is given away or written by
someone who is not getting paid dilutes the term (and confuses people
in the free software community). It's an unfortunate ambiguity in the
English language, but one that has consistent resolution in the
software licensing world.

William Leslie

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