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Barrelfish: microkernel(?) + capabilities + distributed heterogeneous co

From: Jeremy Shaw
Subject: Barrelfish: microkernel(?) + capabilities + distributed heterogeneous cores + formal proofs + Haskell
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 2009 10:33:10 -0500

Since no one else has mentioned it yet, let me present, The Barrelfish Operating System:


As described in this paper:


"We investigate a new OS structure, the multikernel, that treats the machine as a
network of independent cores, assumes no inter-core sharing at the
lowest level, and moves traditional OS functionality to a distributed
system of processes that communicate via message-passing."

This paper describes the use of DSLs and DSL -> C compilers written in Haskell to generate low-level kernel code:


The aim is to be able to build provably correct DSLs and compilers fast enough that you would actually prefer to use them as part of the development process instead of just doing the low-level C code by hand.

- jeremy

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