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Re: Broken dream of mine :(

From: arnuld uttre
Subject: Re: Broken dream of mine :(
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 12:05:20 +0530

> On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 9:30 PM, William Leslie
>  <address@hidden> wrote:
>> arnuld wrote:

> Even for some time before Coyotos was no longer actively developed,
> it was effectively abandoned by the primary architects of the hurd, due
> to its support of the so-called non-trivial confinement.

Thats the point I miss I guess. I am not reading Hurd mailing list
archives since March of 2008, when I started my job

>> I kept an eye on the
>> development of Coyoptos and saw that their expectations for Coyotos
>> forced them to create a new language BitC;
>> http://www.bitc-lang.org/ which of course, I really liked
>> and quite impressed with their efforts. A thought struck my mind that
>> I can use BitC to rewrite Hurd.

> I'm not sure what to say but that you are welcome to try :)

I will only put my efforts if they seem worthwhile to me.

> Shap has left behind a fairly complete specification for Coyotos - it's not
> like the work the interested parties did over those seven (?) years just
> disappeared. And you already have GNU :)

No, we have Linux, not GNU. 95% of the users (especially Ubuntu ones)
don't know anything about GNU, they have never heard the name, forget
the philosophy. RMS has fulfilled the technical goal and philosophical
goal was never achieved. It will be never be till we have Linux OS.

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