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From: Thomas Schwinge
Subject: FOSDEM 2008
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 20:20:54 +0100
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FOSDEM 2008 is nearly there.  OK, not quite yet (February 23rd/24th), but
planning for it definitely is.  Already some weeks ago I installed a
coordination page into the wiki:
<http://www.bddebian.com/~wiki/community/meetings/fosdem_2008/>.  Please
add yourself.

If we want to stay in an appartment this year, instead of again staying
in a youth hostel, we'd need someone to organize that.

The ``Call for Developer Rooms and Stands'' has been posted at

Question: do we want to have a Developer Room for giving talks, doing
hacking, etc.?  What do we have to tell?  Whom do we want to tell?  Do we
want to reach arbitrary people that don't know how to spell ``Hurd'' yet,
or rather do some BoF-like sessions, i.e., internal presentations?

Some first thoughts, and to drop some names:

A bunch of people have been hacking on kernels at the moment and could
present their findings: Bas Wijnen, Gianluca Guida, Johan Rydberg, Marcus
Brinkmann, Neal Walfield, Richard Braun, Samuel Thibault, Tom Bachmann.
Richard has been working for his university thesis on the Mach
reimplementation X-15.  Samuel has been working on Xen-Mach.  Gianluca,
as well as Samuel, is also working on Xen stuff these days.  Bas, Marcus,
Neal and Tom worked on kernel stuff (more or less) with respect to what's
currently being called Hurd-NG.  Johan was at least working on kernel
stuff in the past time.  I'm quite sure that Marcus and Neal would find a
topic (or two) worth presenting, what about the others?

Fredrik Hammar was working on libchannel during the summer, being
mentored by Richard and Olaf Buddenhagen.  This work would be worth

Stefan Siegl recently implemented support for IPv6 into pfinet.  Would
this be a topic for a presentation?  Or about the Hurdy libfuse?

Myself, I also have an idea about what to work on and present it
afterwards -- if at all I get some results until FOSDEM, which might be
difficult, as there are a bunch of maintenance tasks I'm supposed to be
working on before getting on to my fancy ideas, sadly.

Other people interested in doing a presentation (or two)?

Please answer quickly, as the Developer Rooms have to be requested real
soon now.  (And there's, of course, no guarantee that we'll be assigned
one at all.)


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