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A paper about cooperative memory management

From: Michal Suchanek
Subject: A paper about cooperative memory management
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 13:17:23 +0200


I have seen this matter discussed on this list but so far no
information on actual implementation.

In another list somebody posted a link to a paper about garbage
collector that tries to cooperate with the system VM manager to
achieve better performance.
The paper describes the results when such memory management is
implemented for Java.

Basically they added a few bits to the Linux kernel which allow

a) give up pages
b) send a message to process when its page is scheduled for eviction
c) send a message to process when the eviction actually happens

They also conclude that when this communication is not used their
garbage collector performs about the same as any other.

The paper can be found here: http://www.cs.umass.edu/~emery/pubs/04-16.pdf

I hope it is of some interest.



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