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Re: 64-bit virtual adresses and registers

From: Fortes Marcelo
Subject: Re: 64-bit virtual adresses and registers
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 16:52:26 -0300 (ART)

A Single address space for a multi server Operating on
top of a microkernel don looks like a good idea, how
can i  protect each process server from each other in
a single adress space ?

In fact my question was more related to if any kind of
cpu registers virtualizations can reduce impact over
performance due context change between servers.

In time,(pardon me by my ignorance)Is Eros/CoyotOS IPC
message passing sychronous like L4 or Assyinchronous
like Mach ?

There is any performance comparison between CoyotOS
and Modern L4 Implementations,(FIASCO, L4KA)?

Best wishes
Marcelo Fortes

> > 64-bit virtual addresses and 64-bit virtual
> registers can be a
> > possible solution to context swtching
> > on a multi-server operating system  running on top
> of a microkernel ?
> > There is any literacture about it ?
> More bits doesn't eliminate the need to context
> switching unless you
> adopt a "single address space" model. There is lots
> of work on that. Try
> a google search for "SASOS" and/or "single address
> space operating
> system".
> Adopting a single address space view is a religious
> issue.
> shap

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