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Is HURD and related projects stuck?

From: marian klein
Subject: Is HURD and related projects stuck?
Date: Sun, 20 May 2007 22:02:43 +0200

Hi guys

I played with HURD few years ago. (2005).
By following the documentation I couln't get working HURD installation.
It simply halted during the boot of the system.
I concluded the software in the very early experimental stage, which
is not worth to spend time with. I simply gave up that time. After
years I would like to start my mini project based on HURD and I  would
like to know what is the status of the Project.   It looks like the
project is not evolving anymore. The latest version of HURD is 4 years
old. Is it because you want to achieve superior stability and quality
or just all gyus abandoned the project?
What is realease plan for the future?
At least you need to maintain the code to get compilable smoothly with
the newest compilers.



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