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Re: Translucent storage: design, pros, and cons

From: Jonathan S. Shapiro
Subject: Re: Translucent storage: design, pros, and cons
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 20:28:17 -0500

On Wed, 2007-01-10 at 20:12 -0500, Barry deFreese wrote:
> Uhm, I really don't want to get into this discussion but isn't it called 
> Free Software for a reason?  Marcus and Neal are by no means stopping 
> you from creating anything you want.

Yes. But Marcus has worked very hard on this, and none of us wish to
displace him.

Marcus is trying to satisfy a dream that he cannot (yet) fully
articulate. The visible portions of that dream appeals to many people
here. One reason that I have *not* volunteered to act as a HURD
maintainer is that my dreams are different.

Unfortunately, Marcus is suffering from insufficient time, and this
impedes progress. At some point, progress must become more important
than serving a dream that is not yet articulated. If not, then the dream
becomes an end in itself. It may still be beautiful, but we will not
produce a system that way.


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