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Re: To Jonathan [readonly?]

From: Pierre THIERRY
Subject: Re: To Jonathan [readonly?]
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 04:24:19 +0100
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Scribit Anton Tagunov dies 09/01/2007 hora 05:38:
> Can we design capabilities in such a way that reading a memory region
> holding them would give no benefit to the reader?

Not per se.

> Can they somehow be "tied" to the process holding them?
> For instance the process would have an int key known only to kernel
> and the capability would include a XOR of main part of it with this
> key?

You can achieve this reliably with the help of a reference monitor, if I
understand correctly your goal.

There is a very short and clear description of it's principle in some
documentation about KeyKOS:


> P.S. Sorry for spawning 2 threads of discussion.  I think both of my
> "To Jonathan" threads are promising avenues for thinking.

You sould probably try to use more specific subjects for your emails.

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