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To Pierre

From: Anton Tagunov
Subject: To Pierre
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2007 04:03:05 +0300
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Hi Pierre

PSD   = proprietary software/data
PSDV  = PSD vendor
Chip  = TPM chip
Owner = PC owner
Key   = a cryptographic key

Marcus> Jonathan proposes that we make a paradigm shift in who controls the
Marcus> computational resources of a machine. Instead of giving this control Marcus> to the rightful owner of the device, he wants to give this control to Marcus> the authors of the programs and data that is put into these machines.

Pierre> How is this related to the issue of opaque memory?
Pierre> The availibility of opaque memory without ... doesn't undermine ...
Pierre> the control of the rightful owner of the device.

Chip + "non-free" OS do undermine Owner's control:

PSDV encrypts PSD with Key
PSDV communicates Key to Chip
Chip allows Key to be used by "proper"
unmodified .exe on "proper" OS only

The solution is to build a Free OS so popular
that PSDV shall be forced to support it


Pierre> blackbox algorithms don't require opaque memory

Pierre, I'm extremely interested. Could you tell more? I've assumed
RIAA needs both "non-free" OS + Chip to enforce real DRM


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