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From: John DOE
Subject: HURD
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2007 13:50:51 +0100


I am currently making researches about OS for my personal interest.

After many thougths, I ask myself how it is possible to build the HURD quickly and to attract the maximum of people around this project.

I think I have found a guideline. The start point of my thougth was this flame publication :


1st phase :


According to this article, openvz~HURD, so it could be interesting to port OpenVZ to the latest Linux kernel and to remove the kvm patch.

2nd phase :

Moreover, if we want to build a microkernel, the main concern will be to put the drivers out of the kernel :


We will need to put the Linux drivers out of the kernel/

3rd phase :

The verification of the kernel seems to be a hot topic nowadays. Haskell seems to be the most suitable language to ensure this task.


We will rewrite all the microkernel in Haskell.

3 phases, 1 year for each and it seems to be good ... ;) ! ( and more than 1 year of extensive work to put these links into a clean framework ... ;) ! )

I look forward to your answer,

Happy New year :)

Best Regards,

                 G.A.T. Guns

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