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Re: for the "love of HURD"

From: Pierre THIERRY
Subject: Re: for the "love of HURD"
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 01:25:52 +0100
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Scribit Alfred M. Szmidt dies 13/11/2006 hora 22:03:
> A title or a organisation does not make the law.

No, but titles are, in general, chosen very carefully to accurately
reflect the very nature of what they designate. The WIPO has it's
current name because it has been crafted around intellectual property,
which is the union of artistic and industrial property.

It's not like if IP was a buzzword or a fuzzy concept. It has a clear
meaning, as far as law is concerned.

The Code de la Propriété Intellectuelle also has this way of defining
IP; it is made of two parts, the first titled « La propriété littéraire
et artistique » (The litterary and artistic property) and the second
« La propriété industrielle » (The industrial property).

Still, I don't want to discuss the soundness of intellectual property,
be it on texts, mechanisms or algorithms. I may well totally agree with
you on it. You just can't say IP is not clearly defined. It is, and is
used in laws.

Quoting the WIPO:

        "Intellectual property, very broadly, means the legal rights
        which result from intellectual activity in the industrial,
        scientific, literary and artistic fields."

                WIPO Intellectual Property Handbook: Policy, Law and Use
                WIPO Publication No.489 (E)

> Do you have a link to Code de la Propri=E9t=E9 Intellectuelle
> (preferbly in English)?

There should be an english version, but it seems offline now. Here is
the page listing all our codes:


Maybe TIM, for Temporary Intellectual Monopoly, would be far more
accurate, and would help remember what IP was all about in the first
time.  But IP has been used, and for tens of years now.

Nowhere man
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