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Re: for the "love of HURD"

From: arnuld
Subject: Re: for the "love of HURD"
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 19:19:53 +0530

On 10/11/06, Richard Braun <address@hidden> wrote:

The problem is simple : we can't begin anything until we know what we
want, until goals and ways to achieve them are designed and apply well.
This is still not the case. It looks like we're not far from this point,
but we haven't reached it yet.

i thought that HURD architects already know this. now you made it
clear that we do not even know about the 1st phase. from experience i
know nothing fruitful can happen untill we do the things you mentioned
here. tell me how can help in phase-1 of HURD development.

Please understand that development isn't a matter of "I suggest we write
our own microkernel" or "Coyotos is sexy, let's use it !". This
mailing-list exists to allow people to talk about design decisions,
implementation details, that sort of things. If you don't include
technical details about writing a new microkernel and why it's a good
idea, it is somehow useless... Of course many people already thought
about writing a new microkernel... But just imagine one of the L4
kernels gets better, suitable enough for the Hurd, and that hurd-l4
is restarted, this would be far better than beginning a new kernel...

well, that will save years of our time & will be much better & a thing
like that never happend in 2 decades.

but situation is much, much different now , as we can see microkernels
are in better stage nof development now, so we can expect something

If you don't know much about system development, I suggest you get better.

right. i guess it will take 1 year for me to understand "what exactly
a microkernel based OS is & how it operates"

Study, work on existing projects,

recommend some.  untill now, nobody recommended me "GNU Mach/HURD".
most of the time i got suggestions for MINIX & L4.

what do you say?

create your own if you want.

recepie for disaster (for a newbie)

But please,
don't ask others to do what you want if you don't know what you're talking
about enough to make such suggestions.

i am *not* asking others to do what *I* want. HURD is not my baby, it
belongs to RMS. i am just a small man. to put it short, i was asking
to complete phase-1, that you mentioned in the beginning of email (
but i said that indirectly)

you are right i dont know much about HURD. i know of only one goal
"extensibily" with some ideas i understand from "Toward a new strategy
of OS design". that article hooked me to OS programming.

thanks for the reply :-)

-- arnuld

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