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Last Thoughts ...

From: William DUCK
Subject: Last Thoughts ...
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006 00:28:15 +0200
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Hello all,

My folks is growing more rapidly than expected ...

I would want to thank Neal about his thoughts on Resource scheduling ( Market 
Based ) and Authorization Based Access Control.

I believe that we won't be able to do anything against Trusted Computing ...
I am not in favor for this one, but the market's reality is the market's 
reality .

For the microkernel, I am curently in discussion with folks to have the first 
second stage of the second generation microkernel formally verified ! ( not 
L4.verified neither coyotos ...)

And moreover, I am in discussion with BIOS experts too, to build up an Open 
Firmware based on this one ( in the style of LinuxBIOS ) ... :)

Open Source from the "cold start" :) !

For a NextGen OS design, the mix of Biometrics + Trusted Computing and ABAC 
seems to be the most promising one ...

If people have time to spend :) :


Best Regards,


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