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Challenge: Confinement

From: Christian Stüble
Subject: Challenge: Confinement
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 17:29:22 +0200
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I was wondering that I got so many PM as response to my last message. You 
shouldn't be afraid to publish your opinions...

Nevertheless, due to the response of this list, I would like to continue the 
discussion about TC & Co, but not in this list, because it (i) is not only 
related to hurd, and (ii) should non-scientists also be able to contribute. I 
do not expect many  lawyers here? :-)

Since we try to do both, citicise and use TC, we have been asked to create an 
open discussion forum at our university regarding trusted computing and all 
the related topics mentioned here. Therefore we set up a public discussion 
forum to concentrate constructive discussions about these topics. Since we
don't have an appropriate domain yet, its currently available at 
http://forum.emscb.org. That's the reason why we haven't made public the 
existence of the forum yet. Nevertheless, I would suggest to continue the 
non-hurd-related discussion there and invite all of you who are interested in 
this topic to follow the discussion there, to give non-OS people a chance to 

Topics related to hurd, operating system design, etc should be discussed here,
I suggest.

Is that ok for you all?


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