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Re: Take a Cup of tea : Part 2

From: Jonathan S. Shapiro
Subject: Re: Take a Cup of tea : Part 2
Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2006 12:24:24 -0400

> Why did you choose coyotos that has only a commercial interest ?

Mr. Fortaine:

As I have clearly explained, your statement above is incorrect. Do you
repeat it because you intend to deceive people, or simply because you do
not respect truth and accuracy?

> ...coyotos doesn't build ...

I find this assertion fascinating, because it built for me without any
difficulty about 15 seconds ago, and it has been building consistently
for nearly a year. In fact, the Coyotos web site is regenerated by a
complete rebuild of the tree every hour.

Since you have not mailed in any bug reports or requests for help with
the build, it seems fairly obvious that you are more interested in
spreading lies than making things actually work.

Perhaps you mean: Coyotos is incomplete. This is certainly true.
Progress is being made daily.

Perhaps you do not realize it, but the research community is a very
small place, and you are setting new speed records for pissing people
off. I will be interested to see how many days it takes for Bart Massey
to figure you out.

Your decision to fork is welcome. Go away.


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