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Re: ``Shut-up and Hack!"

From: Luis Araujo
Subject: Re: ``Shut-up and Hack!"
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 19:04:52 -0400
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Alan Grimes wrote:
Luis Araujo wrote:
Alan Grimes wrote:

Language arguments are stupid.
Instead of arguing about language, we should be researching how to
interface a wide variety of languages better. For example, I'm starting
to work on a KDE-based project. I could write the UI in C++, however
that would be cumbersome. A better approcah is to write the
functionality in C++ and the UI in a flavor of XML. There each part is
written in the language that is better (though not best) suited for it.

I actually believe languages play an important role in the design of an
operating system. So, it isn't good to underestimate its influences. One
of the reasons we keep living in a unix-like world is because of C.

In any well-designed conventional kernel-based OS, the choice of
language for any given component is largely orthogonal to the design of
the system.

Design is highly affected by the tools used, and it also works the other way around, so it is a symbiotic process, which evidently will be influenced by these very same tools.



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