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Re: My Vision

From: Luis Araujo
Subject: Re: My Vision
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 18:07:14 -0400
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Guillaume FORTAINE wrote:
You are all right too :-). Maybe, it is time for me to defined more precise goals :-)

You got my point then ...

After this big brainstorming, I was thinking this morning to a new type of project : informatics assisted by mathematics :-)

Probably some wiki-based site could benefit from this?

It could be very interesting to build a full-fledge verified OS : from the design to the internals => language, kernel, compiler, logical framework as API.

Note :

It could be very interesting to be engaged in this new project :

http://urchin.earth.li/pipermail/debian-haskell/2006-May/000169.html ( a company interested in functional programming ) => -maybe very interesting professional outlets ... :-)

Yes, many groups and even companies are using (purely) functional programming nowadays. I myself have been able to write some system programming tools for example , and i definitely believe that the current field is pretty much ready to start being adopted , that, of course, will bring some resistance , but that's normal , it is the way all major changes have (and gotta) happen (ed).

*Language :





*Logical framework :



*OS design


Yes, House is nice.

I have been playing a bit with it, and it looks very functional too.

So you are proposing (if i understand your emails) , to take the functional road for this new project?, if it isn't that way specifically, ... in my personal opinion, i think that is the kind of _radical_ change we have to _dare_ to (the community)do.

Now you have to be aware of our current challenges too, more specifically those involving a purely functional environment , at which i think we have plenty of spaces to experiment with (IO, Binary Streams, Processes ....) , i think that part of the researching of the project should be aimed to deep into those fields.

Note : I just found the name : VRDOS ( Verified Reliable Distributed Operating System :-) ) => other suggestions ?

Why 'Distribuited'? ... i know it might be a bit early to ask such a thing, but i am curious ..... i sometimes feel people keep using this kind of _terms_ more as a marketing tool than a technical one.



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