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Re: ``Shut-up and Hack!"

From: Alan Grimes
Subject: Re: ``Shut-up and Hack!"
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 13:44:16 -0500
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>> The other thing I would like to mention is that (judging from your
>> posts) you don't seem to have understood the purpose of the Hurd. The
>> Hurd exists to be the kernel of the GNU operating system. GNU already
>> exists and works very well (excluding the Hurd), so it is silly to talk
>> of rewriting all of GNU.

Wrong, GNU is awful. I hate it. I spend most of my daily life trying to
get the simplest functionality to work. I expect to die of old age
before it works even half as well as Windows. =(((

>> I hope this has been helpful. I truly believe that doing some hacking
>> would help you to understand things. If you do want to work on the Hurd
>> (on Mach), read the documentation available (though much of it is
>> outdated) and then get in contact with Alfred M. Szmidt, he should be
>> able to point you in the right direction. You can find him on IRC (as
>> ams, in #gnu and ##hurd on the FreeNode network), on mailing lists such
>> as gnu-system-discuss, or at address@hidden .

Because Hurd on Mach aims to create a flavor of Unix, it is absolutly
unsuitable for any human being who doesn't suffer from asperger's
syndrome. If it were in my power I'd prohibit the development and use of
unix. The world needs to move on.

> How to do hacking without a language ? ( I'm not interested in C ... )

Language arguments are stupid.
Instead of arguing about language, we should be researching how to
interface a wide variety of languages better. For example, I'm starting
to work on a KDE-based project. I could write the UI in C++, however
that would be cumbersome. A better approcah is to write the
functionality in C++ and the UI in a flavor of XML. There each part is
written in the language that is better (though not best) suited for it.

> Linux shows its limits .... in term of security / maintainability ...


Anyone who uses the phrase "Islamofascism" or "Islamic extremist"
without quotes is telling a lie.

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