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My Vision

From: Guillaume FORTAINE
Subject: My Vision
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 13:03:43 +0200
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Hello all,

antrik wrote :


On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 01:32:24PM +1000, Andrew Baumann wrote:

> but I can tell you some more about K42...


Thanks for your interesting explanations...

Note however that Mr. Fortaine isn't in any way associated with the Hurd
project, and was speaking solely for himself. So please take his remarks
with a boulder of salt...

I totally  agree with this. In any event, HURD is dead for me ... :-)

Leonardo wrote :

You forgot to check 1 point there. The license of this microkernel, it
is non-free. I think that I do not need to say anything more.

I realy dislike the Coyotos specs. license (this is a question to
another chapter), but, at least, it's source-code is free.

You are all right. I contacted his author and I am waiting his answer. This kernel is only an *educational purpose*. It could be a very good start to point to write our *own* ( by the term *our*, I want to say people who wants to follow me :-) ) => http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=15018&page=1

Luis wrote :

Hi all,

Well, i think this is the first time i write to this list since i am
subscribed, and i hope not to do too much unnecessary noise since it
isn't going to be a technical posting, but i got some doubts about the
recent discussions in this list, mainly initiated by Mr. Guillaume.

I have been following through this list your recent posting Mr.
Guillaume, and though i have found interesting many things about them,
and actually agree with some of your point (for example, the idea of
writing a new language to design a new kernel in which such a
distinction between language and system doesn't exist), i still don't
understand what it is the main point of you to continue sending such an
email to the list without a clear purpose, objective or road to follow;
i mean, it is not i find them as something bad (it has even given some
life to this mailing list which i think it is good, and i have enjoined
reading some of your links posted), but i still fail to see where you
really want to get at.

For example, some proposal, ideas, suggestions , that i guess you are
trying to communicate to the Hurd community, in form of something
specific , as a (new?)project maybe? ... something probably that we
could cooperate with or start working at?, if that isn't your purpose,
what is it then?


You are all right too :-). Maybe, it is time for me to defined more precise goals :-)

After this big brainstorming, I was thinking this morning to a new type of project : informatics assisted by mathematics :-)

It could be very interesting to build a full-fledge verified OS : from the design to the internals => language, kernel, compiler, logical framework as API.

Note :

It could be very interesting to be engaged in this new project :

http://urchin.earth.li/pipermail/debian-haskell/2006-May/000169.html ( a company interested in functional programming ) => -maybe very interesting professional outlets ... :-)

http://www.verisoft.de/ ( verification of computer systems, including several big companies : BMW ... ) => -we can expect susbstantial investments in these domains in a mid-term future and maybe unvaluable support ... :-)

For the design, I believe there are interesting things to take in HURD's one ( distributed OS, capabilities ... )

My release plan is very simple : 3 years.

1 for the language, the overall OS Design and to familiarize with Logic, the most important part :

*Language :





*Logical framework :



*OS design



The second one for prototyping and maybe make significant changes ( Language extensions, kernel internals .... ):

The last for hardly testing :-).

Note : I just found the name : VRDOS ( Verified Reliable Distributed Operating System :-) ) => other suggestions ?

Best Regards,

                     Guillaume FORTAINE

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