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From: Luis Araujo
Subject: Re: KANETON
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 20:29:59 -0400
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Hi all,

Well, i think this is the first time i write to this list since i am subscribed, and i hope not to do too much unnecessary noise since it isn't going to be a technical posting, but i got some doubts about the recent discussions in this list, mainly initiated by Mr. Guillaume.

I have been following through this list your recent posting Mr. Guillaume, and though i have found interesting many things about them, and actually agree with some of your point (for example, the idea of writing a new language to design a new kernel in which such a distinction between language and system doesn't exist), i still don't understand what it is the main point of you to continue sending such an email to the list without a clear purpose, objective or road to follow; i mean, it is not i find them as something bad (it has even given some life to this mailing list which i think it is good, and i have enjoined reading some of your links posted), but i still fail to see where you really want to get at.

For example, some proposal, ideas, suggestions , that i guess you are trying to communicate to the Hurd community, in form of something specific , as a (new?)project maybe? ... something probably that we could cooperate with or start working at?, if that isn't your purpose, what is it then?



Guillaume FORTAINE wrote:

kaneton is a microkernel with a very powerful design and implementation leading to a flexible, reliable and secure microkernel based operating system.
The kaneton project is composed of two very distinctive parts:
The first part is pedagogical and consists in provinding people everything necessary to learn operating systems concepts from basic operating system functionalities through the microkernel architecture to advanced distributed operating system concepts. The second part consists in the development of a reliable, secure and flexible reference implementation which, in a near future, will be used as a basis for a distributed operating system. This reference implementation is developed by experienced people. For more information about the kaneton microkernel design, take a look at the Papers section. In addition, an article about the kaneton microkernel was published in June, 2006 on the specialized website OSNews.com.

Best Regards,

                 Guillaume FORTAINE

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