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From: Leonardo Lopes Pereira
Subject: Re: KANETON
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 21:22:49 -0300

You forgot to check 1 point there. The license of this microkernel, it
is non-free. I think that I do not need to say anything more.

I realy dislike the Coyotos specs. license (this is a question to
another chapter), but, at least, it's source-code is free.

On Sat, 12 Aug 2006 01:48:42 +0200
Guillaume FORTAINE <address@hidden> wrote:

> https://www.kaneton.org/bin/view/Kaneton/WebHome
> kaneton is a microkernel with a very powerful design and implementation 
> leading to a flexible, reliable and secure microkernel based operating 
> system.
>  The kaneton project is composed of two very distinctive parts:
>  The first part is pedagogical and consists in provinding people 
> everything necessary to learn operating systems concepts from basic 
> operating system functionalities through the microkernel architecture to 
> advanced distributed operating system concepts.
>  The second part consists in the development of a reliable, secure and 
> flexible reference implementation which, in a near future, will be used 
> as a basis for a distributed operating system. This reference 
> implementation is developed by experienced people.
>  For more information about the kaneton microkernel design, take a look 
> at the Papers section. In addition, an article about the kaneton 
> microkernel was published in June, 2006 on the specialized website 
> OSNews.com.
> Best Regards,
>                   Guillaume FORTAINE
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