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Coyotos : A restatement

From: Guillaume FORTAINE
Subject: Coyotos : A restatement
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 23:36:57 +0200
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Hello all,

Here are two interesting points that I would like to clarify with you :

The "expert in microkernel and operating system security", Jonhathan Shapiro, EROS, LLC ...


1.3 The Facts
Ultimately, there are two compelling reasons to consider microkernels in high-robustness or high-security environments: There are several examples of microkernel-based systems that have succeeded in these applications because of the system structuring that microkernel-based designs demand. There are zero examples of high-robustness or high-security monolithic systems.
With that said, let me move on to Linus.


Right now, the number of systems that
can prove useful properties about things like operating system kernels
is zero.

I have talked with several right experts, well-known in the field and I will want to show you some interesting things :

In answer to the first remark, I will point to this link ( thanks to Google :-) ) :


For the second, here we go :-) ( thanks to Matt Kaufmann :-) )


*End of loop*

*New iteration*

Go back to this post :


For me, this man and his project are only a bad joke ... Be more serious, guys :-) !

Yes, in fact, I believe if you want to see the HURDNG boot one day, we will need to build our microkernel and choose our language ....

Best Regards,

                          Guillaume FORTAINE

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