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HURDNG : Which type of OS design could we have to think nowadays ?

From: Guillaume FORTAINE
Subject: HURDNG : Which type of OS design could we have to think nowadays ?
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 03:01:55 +0200
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Hello Mr Walfield,

I point out one thing with the title of my subject : how could we choose the design of an OS nowadays ?

To do short, I believe the hardware decide the future and not the contrary.

I believe that HurdNG had to focus one 2 things ( lol :-), easy to tell, hard to design ) : security and performance. Security because all devices are becoming more and more connected and performance because of the Moore's law.

*First option :

Should we support 386 and let the OS die with this obselete hardware or think to the future and enjoy the power of 64 bits and multicore that are becoming standards ?

The ideas have to go more far that the present, if the H?RDNG ( forget now UNIX:-) ) want to be a good option/successor to Linux.

A Single Adress Space OS ( 64 bits = 256 Tb, we have time before exploiting all this power => it would be moore easy to get rid of ACL because of easier implementation of persistence) and a language/main library thought for massive multithread (CSP or Concurrent/Parallel Haskell => get rid of C/ maybe GNU/UNIX/POSIX too :-) ) .






*Second option  :

Explore new ideas, maybe too innovative (Have to carefully choose/adapt the language).


I would add a fourth option : Get rid of a kernel :

"Isaac is an operating system purely made by dynamicaly interconnected prototype object. Each macro-object run on top of the processor.

IsaacOS is not an interface with a standard kernel. IsaacOS is fully made with only object. No file, no process, no kernel, just and only object."



                        Best Regards,

                                   Guillaume FORTAINE

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