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Re: Which microkernel is used if not pistachio?

From: deepak ravi
Subject: Re: Which microkernel is used if not pistachio?
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 13:54:41 +0530


when I wrote about a problem I encountered with pistachio about two
weeks ago, I was told that L4Ka::Pistachio is not (mainly) used among
the developers due to security issues.

The Hurd3 is based on Coyotos micro-kernel,
                   the successor to EROS (see: http://coyotos.org)
The Hurd2 is based on L4 microkernel
The Hurd1(The GNU/Hurd) is based on Mach microkernel..

Hope, after all this research, Hurd-kernel can define an interface/model,

1. which makes it independent of underlying micro kernel,

2. and also hope, it is almost independent of
RT-Hurd(embedded) and the Hurd(desktop),

3a. and also hope, _user_ has the freedom to do all the things
within his capabilities, in a simple, easy and a straightforward manner.

3b. and also hope, the interface/model is _not_ restricting some silly
things, which
forces an user to use qemu to debug his program, etc.

( I used both #3a and #3b to express third requirement. Can someone clarify?)

Since I wanted to play around
with Hurd on L4 a little and (if happy) try to contribute to the project
myself (if I can...),

Oh I'm a newbie, But I think, you need to move on to Hurd3 from Hurd2..

Btw, I just downloaded coyotos from homepage..
Do anyone has some good documentation on
Bitc and coyotos architecture, other than source?

I would really like to use the right kernel.

If there is such an interface, every kernel is ok, only efficiency will matter.

Deepak Ravi

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