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Bas Wijnen to take a long break from all Hurd activities

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Bas Wijnen to take a long break from all Hurd activities
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 11:31:49 +0200
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Hello all,

My PhD project is getting in trouble, in part due to the large amount of brain
capacity I am spending on the Hurd lately.  Since I want to finish my PhD
properly, I decided to stop working on the Hurd until it is finished.  That
will take at least a year.

I'm sorry that I can't continue to contribute at the moment.  I am very
enthousiastic about the project, and am confident that you can make it a
success without me.  In case of any questions where you would like my opinion,
please feel free to e-mail me privately (or via Cc).  Don't expect that I know
what's going on though; I will unsubscribe from all Hurd mailinglists.

In particular, I really would still like to hear an answer from Jonathan to my
e-mail about the ethics of TC.  Specifically: I suppose you disagree with my
analysis, I am interested to know on which points.  If not, do you then agree
with the conclusion that implementing TC at this moment would be unethical?
(Note that IMO it is not unethical to disagree and implement TC, only to agree
but still implement TC anyway.)  For reference, the e-mail I am talking about:

Finally, a note to Thomas: I am still listed as a list-owner for
address@hidden  However, I no longer know the password, so I cannot remove
myself from it (nor moderate, as you may have noticed).  Could you please
remove me from the list of list-owners?

Thanks all, and good luck,
Bas Wijnen

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