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Re: Restricted storage

From: Tom Bachmann
Subject: Re: Restricted storage
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 20:12:49 +0200

[sorry if this is messed up, I'm writing it in a webmailer]

> > Agreed. The dependency tradeoff would be more accurately be captured as:
> > 
> >   TC+OS vs.
> >   Owner+OS+Installer 
> > 
> > Further: in a system supporting TC these are not mutually exclusive.
> You mean for some parts you can have one, and for other parts the other?  I
> agree.

Let's assume for a moment that there are legitimate cases for both trust 
relationships. It sounds like an interesting challenge to design a system that 
works for both cases. (I'm unsure whether this is possible at all, but before 
making a decision (and thereby excluding legitimate cases), I want to be sure).
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