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Re: Directories traversal (was Re: the deadly hypercube of death, or: ha

From: Pierre THIERRY
Subject: Re: Directories traversal (was Re: the deadly hypercube of death, or: handling permissions)
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 19:03:24 +0200
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Scribit Ludovic Courtès dies 28/04/2006 hora 16:12:
> No, that wouldn't behave like this, because the file selection box
> would typically be part of the graphic shell, as shown by the
> "powerbox" in PLASH.

Ha, you're right. But there would still be a category of programs where
just a powerbox would not be enough: programs that browse directories
themselves, like image viewers.

I learned my mom how to mount a CD or DVD with an icon on the desktop,
and how to instruct the image viewer to go to /media/dvd. I also learned
her how navigation in image viewer is related to navigation in the file

I think the problem here is losing the grasp of everything through a
globale namespace (the VFS).

But as I'm writing the problem with my mom and the image viewer, I'm
wondering if the problem is not just having taken the habit to break
POLA. Indeed, breaking POLA gives much flexibility, which came with
great insecurity...

Geez. I think there is a sort of jet lag in a paradigm shift like in a
air trip.

Nowhere man
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