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Speeding up networking

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Speeding up networking
Date: 13 Feb 2006 15:34:36 +0100
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Some while ago, we were discussing the proper design for the
networking components of the hurd, i.e., the "replacing pfinet" thing.

If anybody here is interested in practical design of such stuff, and
you haven't seen it already, I'm pretty sure you want to check out the
slides at http://www.lemis.com/grog/Documentation/vj/

One part of the solution is moving almost all of the processing needed
for a tcp/ip "stack" to a user space library. The main argument is
performance, in particular for scalability for multi/cpu machines.


PS. And I'm not actively subscribed to this list, so please cc me any
replies you want me to see.

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