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Re: DogCows or Polymorphism in the Hurd

From: Tom Bachmann
Subject: Re: DogCows or Polymorphism in the Hurd
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 18:08:58 +0100
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Jonathan S. Shapiro wrote:
The problem cases are:

        grep something-that-is-DogCow


        grep -R anything

Right, I forgot the latter.

I guess you mean the logical hierarchy? So that what e.g. ls shows us? Because this poly-type object is still one file, and we do not even have a reliable way to insert the new logical files into the hierarchy.

If we cannot insert files, then the translator either needs to make the
directory appear to be read only or this bug needs to be fixed.

This cannot was more intended to be a "should not". It is still _one_ file and I think making one file appear as multiple ones will cause more troubles than it removes.

Maybye we're speaking cross purposes and I just don't understand the thing. Assume I move a .tar.bz2 file from some where into an empty directory. Then I use my "completely-polytype-unawayre-ls", what will I see? And will I see something different when using the hurdish ls. If so, what and why?

Using the poly-type approach would remove all ambiguities: Applications
would either see a file or a directory, but not both.  Applications who
_know_ about hybrid types can use the new functions to switch facets
explicitely.  If a user wants to use an application with a hybrid type,
he will have to make his intent explicit by providing the node with the
right facet type to the application.

What I do not understand is what applications without knowledge of this approach. They would see objects that neither provide directory nor file semantics.

This is not correct. Have a look at my ascii art (assuming it survived;
use a monospace font). In effect, you have a "file" object that has two
new methods:

So you, in fact, want to set a default facet (file)?
At lest that's how i interpret your statement + this graph:

     /   \
    File Dir
     \   /

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