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Re: Device Driver Framework (attached thesis proposal)

From: Tom Bachmann
Subject: Re: Device Driver Framework (attached thesis proposal)
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 15:06:00 +0100
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William Grim wrote:
Hello, group.

I've been wanting to create a device driver framework for Hurd-L4 for
quite some time.  I understand Hurd-L4 is considering Coyotos, but that
should not greatly affect the DDF code from my perspective.

To keep from being too wordy here, since I already have enough words in
a thesis proposal for you to read, I won't talk much more.  However, I
was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to review my proposal (that
is very near the final edition of the proposal) and see if they notice
something I missed or think it's a good idea?

I admit that my proposal still has some inconsistencies in it and is
not completely finished, but I hope it will be enough to get the point
across to the readers in the meantime.

Thanks in advance; I've spent the last several months working on it
alongside my other work and course work.

William M. Grim
Computer Science Master's Student, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Unix Network Administrator, SIUE, CS. Dept.

btw, you noticed coyotos is moving towards asynchronous IPC (with synchronous IPC implemented in userspace, if wanted).
So you might think about exploiting this, too.

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