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Burn calories

From: Mindy Zuniga
Subject: Burn calories
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 02:19:06 +0300

Each year, people spend more than $40 billion on products designed to help them 
slim down. None of them seem to be working very well.

Now along comes hoodia. Never heard of it? Soon it'll be tripping off your 
tongue, because hoodia is a natural substance that literally takes your 
appetite away.
It's very different from diet stimulants like Ephedra and Phenfen that are now 
banned because of dangerous side effects. Hoodia doesn't stimulate at all. 
Scientists say it fools the brain by making you think youÂ’re full, even if 
you've eaten just a morsel.


Suppress your appetite and feel full and satisfied all day long
Increase your energy levels
Lose excess weight
Increase your metabolism
Burn body fat
Burn calories
Attack obesity
And more..


Dr. Mindy Zuniga

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