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Check This Stock Out

From: Saundra Lowery
Subject: Check This Stock Out
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 13:57:15 +0000

Hot-St0ck in the Security Industry!!
09-15-05.. 4pm

+++++++++++Current Profile+++++++++++

Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG)
Symbol: FCPG. ob

Current Price: $0.12
3 day Target:  $0.20


Watch this one trade Friday and Especially  
Monday morning a Huge PR Campaign just started
we expect the price to rise$$$ quite nicely
its only trading at .11 - .13 cents expect it 
to more then double! Act Early!

Its a U.S. based-company dedicated to the goal 
of bringing effective security solutions to the 

With violent and white-collar terrorism on the 
rise, companies are starving for innovative 
security solutions. 

FCPG is poised to bring hot new security 
solutions to the industry, with currently over 
40 governmental and non-governmental contracts, 
being negotiated.

Is It Poised to Go Higher? 
Does It Sound New and Exciting To You?
Please Review Exactly What this Company Does.  

Why consider Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG)? 

Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG) holds the 
exclusive marketing rights from Keyvelop, to 
sell the world’s leading encryption technology 
to be distributed directly to the Healthcare 
industry in North America.

Faceprint Global Solutions has completed its 
biometric software that recognizes facial 
features of individuals entering and leaving 
through airports, ship yards, banks, large 
buildings, etc.
FCPG acquired Montreal-based Apometrix 
Technologies, which enhances the companies 
mission of being a full-service provider to 
the multi-application smart card industry. 
The North American market appears ready for 
significant expansion of price-competitive, 
proven, multi-application solutions on smart 
cards. Apometrix's forecast of over 300 
customers and sales of more than $50_milli0n 
in North America over the next five years, 
appears very realistic, according to company 

Faceprint Global Solutions is currently in 
contract negotiations with over 40 governmental 
agencies and businesses seeking to use their 
encryption, biometric, and smart-card 

Breaking News for Faceprint Global Solutions Inc.!

Faceprint Global Solutions (FCPG) is pleased to 
announce that IBM will now offer the world’s 
leading encryption software to its major
Healthcare clients in North America.

With FCPG owning the exclusive North American 
rights to distribute the worlds leading encryption 
and transmission software developed by Keyvelop, 
FCPG is poised to capture large volumes of sales 
generated by customers currently using IBM’s 
software in the healthcare and other industries.

“This is a very positive move for FCPG and for 
Keyvelop,” said FCPG CEO Pierre Cote. “We are 
very happy about the decision to go with IBM. 
This is a continuation of the progress made by 
everyone associated with FCPG and its partners.”

Buell Duncan, IBM's general manager of ISV & 
Developer Relations commented, “Collaborating with 
Keyvelop will ensure that we develop open solutions 
that are easy to maintain and cost effective for 
our customers in the healthcare and 
life sciences industry.”

Among other things, this new software technology 
which is currently being used by a number of 
European healthcare companies, is used to send 
any file, regardless of format or size. Encryption 
keys, evidence of transmission integrity 
with fingerprint calculation, time-stamping of all 
actions and status record updating, pre-checking 
sender and receiver identities, validating file 
opening dates are part of Keyvelop features.

About FacePrint Global Solutions, Inc.
FCPG operates a business, which develops and 
delivers a variety of technology solutions, 
including biometric software applications on 
smart cards and other support mediums 
(apometric solutions). FCPG’s products provide 
biometric solutions for identity 
authentication and a host of smart card- and 
biometrics-related hardware peripherals and 
software applications. Apometrix, FCPG’s 
wholly-owned subsidiary, combines on-card or 
in-chip multi-application management solutions 
with best-of-breed ‘in-card matching’ biometrics. 
Keyvelop’s secure digital envelope solution and 
Apometrix’s on-card biometrics work together to 
produce the winning combination in the fields of 
security, traceability and identity management. 


The examples above show the Awesome, Earning 
Potential of little known Companies 
That Explode onto Investor’s Radar Screens. 
This stock will not be a Secret for long. 
Then You May Feel the Desire to Act Right Now! 
And Please Watch This One Trade! 



All st4tements made are our express opinion only 
and should be treated as such. We may own, take 
position and sell any secur1ties mentioned at any 
time. Any statements that express or involve 
discussions with respect to predictions, 
g0als, expectati0ns, beliefs, plans, projecti0ns, 
objectives, assumpti0ns or future events or 
performance are not statements of historical 
fact and may be "F0rw4rd_l0ok1ng_st4tements." 
F0rw4rd_l0ok1ng_st4tements are based on 
expectations, estimates and projections at the 
time the statements are made that involve a number 
of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual 
results or events to differ materially from those 
presently anticipated. This profile is in no way 
affiliated with the featured company. We were 
compensated one th0us4nd_d0llars from third 
party (IR Marketing) to distribute this report. 
F0rw4rd_l0ok1ng_st4tements in this action may be 
identified through the use of words such as: 
"projects", "foresee", "expects". in compliance
 with Secti0n_17(b), we discl0se the holding of
 FGS shares prior to the publication of this 
report. Be aware of an inherent conflict of interest 
resulting from such holdings due 
to our intent to profit from the liquidation of 
these shares. Shares may be s0ld at any 
time, even after positive statements have been made 
regarding the above company. Since we own shares, 
there is an inherent conflict of interest in our 
statements and opinions. Readers of this publication 
are cautioned not to place undue reliance on 
F0rw4rd_l0ok1ng_st4tements, which are based on 
certain assumptions and expectations involving 
various risks and uncertainties that could cause 
results to differ materially from those set forth 
in the forward- looking statements. This is not 
s0licitati0n to buy or sell st0cks, this text is 
for informational purpose only and you should seek 
professional advice from registered financial advisor 
before you do anything related with buying or selling 
st0cks, penny_st0cks are very high risk and you can 
lose your entire investment. 
If you wish to stop future m4ilings,
please m4il to: not1psf0rme @ yahoo.com

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