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Re: NetBSD drivers on HURD?

From: wgrim
Subject: Re: NetBSD drivers on HURD?
Date: Sun, 31 Jul 2005 21:44:14 -0500
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Daniel, thanks for your comments.  Starting from scratch would be
easier-and-harder.  It'll be easier in the sense that I can keep the code in my
head better, but it'll be harder in the sense that I would have to start over
and rewrite a bunch of code.  I'll probably use some of your code to handle a
few things I never thought about... you seem more experienced in C/hardware
development than I am.

When it comes to libfthread, I haven't really looked at it much.  To tell the
truth, I haven't looked at deva/fabrica's code much, because I am trying to
understand the core part of the Hurd/L4 first.  However, if it's a threading
library, wouldn't it make more sense to put threading calls into deva and have
deva make the appropriate threading calls on each OS, or is libfthread necessary
to create a faster version of threading for the purpose of the device drivers?

I'm basically trying to understand about a couple things in order to reach a
possible compromise in the design:
1) If I create the threading library, I'll have to make it work on multiple
architectures, doing essentially parallel work to most OS out there.  Is it
worth me doing that?
2) Does libfthread offer an advantage over normal OS threading libraries?

Thanks for any input!

--Mike Grim
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