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Re: GNU on OpenSolaris

From: Simon Rutishauser
Subject: Re: GNU on OpenSolaris
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 16:10:17 +0200
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> >>There are really enough kernels around.
> who said that ? I don't see anywhere a "perfect" kernel

I did.
But I said nothig about perfect - just rather that there are enough 
nonperfect kernels.
There's still place for a perfect kernel (that's why Hurd/L4 is here, 
isn't it?

> >>No. It does not permit relicensing and in fact the license being used 
> >>is not GPL compatible (see the gnu project license pages about the 
> >>issues)
> >
> >Firebird Database server Changed its licence from InterBase License to one 
> >less restrective 
> >Open Source licence. After it aparts from Borland. The same could not
> >happens?
> when the hell freezes over. a short answer would be: *NO*. I hardly can
> think of Sun releasing their beloved OS under the GPL

I couldn't think of sun releasing their beloved OS under any open source 
license neither - so never say never. But this is really not probable.


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