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Re: GNU on OpenSolaris

From: Fortes Marcelo
Subject: Re: GNU on OpenSolaris
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 21:42:59 -0300 (ART)


Hi Simon !
>On Mon, Jun 20, 2005 at 05:27:19PM -0300, Fortes Marcelo wrote:
>>   Can GNU run on OpenSOLARIS Kernel?
>> If the GNU project have a so big lack to produce a
>> usable Kernel. (HURD/Mach),(HURD/L4).
>GNU/Hurd on Mach is usable. And GNU/Linux even more even though it was
>not produced by the GNU project. There also are Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and
>Debian GNU/kNetBSD available. And don't forget Darwin.

Yes I know, i was using GNU/HURD/Linux for a long time ago. as that is
true that i dont even heared before about Debian GNU/kFreeBSD and
Debian GNU/kNetBSD projects (That is very interesting point to port to NetBSD
with their very clean design).
But the point is their BSD Licences that cant be GPLed,and its flavours more
BSD alike.

>There are really enough kernels around.
>>  And as everybody knows multiple servers runnning on
>>top of micro-kernel design have performance issues and
>> is more difficult to work on.

>Most probabely the people working on Hurd/L4 know about these problems.
>I think.
>Nevertheless they are working on it (and not on one of the other
>> Is it possible to have
>> the GNU system working in Open Solaris kernel?
>Of course. Why not?

I meant about base the GNU OS in the SOLARIS Kernel as a totally independent Fork,
and independent Prtoject

>> its
>> licence permits a fork in one entire new project that
>> can be after be released under GPL?
>No. It does not permit relicensing and in fact the license being used
>is not GPL compatible (see the gnu project license pages about the

Firebird Database server Changed its licence from InterBase License to one less restrective
Open Source licence. After it aparts from Borland. The same could not happens?

> think for talking about OpenSolaris this is *really* not the right

yes ofcourse i just porpose it .. *Not* to speculate about Solaris itself but to people
thought if it not possible to change the Paths of GNU System


Thank you Simon

Marcelo Fortes.

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