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RE: GNU on OpenSolaris

From: Fortes Marcelo
Subject: RE: GNU on OpenSolaris
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 21:21:32 -0300 (ART)

Well that is the main motivation to port The HURD from Mach to L4.
Mach have several performance pennalitys in his design that compromises a performance for an multi-server based operating system. Beind more indicated to a Single-server OS Design as it was in NeXT and MacOS - X. However in this way it does not take the real advantages of a micro-kernel porpose becouse it reflects another way of a Monolithic system becouse almost system core are exported to a unic bloated server... And device drivers that still being into the kernel.
By other Hand L4 trys to solve some of this problems with a radical design; exports device control to outside from kernel, Synchronous message passing a minimum of system calls to Micro Kernel,  and maybe the most imprtant for performance a faster IPC.
But it does not solve everything  becouse AFAIK thre is yet the overhead in TLB, Context changig in regioster to each thread/server/object as i dont know as L4 solve.
Marcelo Fortes. 

Christopher Nelson <address@hidden> escreveu:
> And as everybody knows multiple servers runnning on top of
> micro-kernel design have performance issues and is more
> difficult to work on.

I didn't realize everyone knew that. Huh.

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