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Re: booting l4-hurd leading to hang after starting ruth...

From: Matthieu Lemerre
Subject: Re: booting l4-hurd leading to hang after starting ruth...
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 12:03:28 +0200
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Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> After following instructions as they are in README of the cvs source
> of the hurd-l4 module, including the same boot modules in the same
> sequence under the grub menu:
> .../laden -D
> .../ia32-kernel
> .../libexec/l4/sigma0
> .../wortel -D
> .../physmem
> .../task
> .../deva
> .../task
> .../ruth
> I get no prompt and no message (both when adding -D or not to ruth):
> ...
> physmem:frame_memory_alloc:  allocated physical memory: 30f000+1000
> ruth:main: ruth 0.0
> ruth:main: Hello, here is Ruth, your friendly root server!
> physmem:frame_memory_alloc: allocated physical memory: 1e0000+10000
> physmem:frame_memory_alloc: allocated physical memory: 41c000+1000
> Then it just hangs there...
> Well, only change is that on "make menuconfig" I just selected pentium
> 2/3, not the default pentium 4, since I'm using laptop dell inspiron
> 600m which is pentium mobile (neither 3, neither 4)....
> Is this supposed to happen?  I don't see any terminal started neither
> a prompt or something I'm familiar with...  It looks like the process
> just hanged...
> Thx,


This means that it perfectly worked.  The Hurd on L4 is still in
development and only the core servers work; don't expect to use bash
for the moment.

If you want to try the Hurd, you should better install the Hurd on
Mach on your computer. This can be done by installing the Debian
GNU/Hurd K9 distribution, which you can find for instance on


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