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re: gI1P

From: Roxie Preston
Subject: re: gI1P
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 03:22:53 +0400

We offer three products at this point of time, please read the complete email 
for more information on each.

Digital Cable Filters: http://KFoO.1clickresults.info

Fuel Savers: http://xLYm.1clicktime.info

Ebay Business Traning Program: http://7MRG.1clickaccess.info

Free PPV:

*PPV channels
*Boxing and any other Sports Event on PPV
*Adult Channels
*And anything else on PPV channels.


This is the NEWEST AND BEST Digital CATV Filter/Descrambler
that can test your digital cable PPV purchase functions
along with eliminating unwanted interference caused by
your broadband connection. This is a "True" universal
product. It will work on 99% of all digital cable systems
in use today.

This little filter has many different uses: Interference
filter, PPV tester and "Digital Descrambler". These will
work with the following receivers:

Scientific Atlanta Jerrold/General Instruments Zenith
Tocom Starcom Explorer Series Motorola 

Simple to Install.

ATTENTION: Because the Cable Company has no way of telling
you are using this product you need to notify them of any
movie purchases.

If you are getting interference on your television set while connected to 
your broadband connection,simply installing this device prior to your
cable converter will dramatically improve your reception. 

Try us out, You wont regret it! 



Maybe your looking for something else?

Fuel savers?


Installs in seconds (No tools or experience required)
Fuel savings of upto 27% - more milage.
One time purchase.

The super Ecnofuels that is proven to increase gas mileage upto 27%, it snaps 
on easily over the fuel line, no tools or experience required.

It is a magnetic frequency resonater- Using its patented Neodymium 
super-conducters it generates the specific resonance frequency, that when 
installed over the fuel line, makes combustion more efficient.



Or maybe your looking for an interactive eBay Business Training Program on CD?


Check us out!

Digital Cable Filters: http://r3JY.1clickresults.info

Fuel Savers: http://btLU.1clicktime.info

Ebay Business Traning Program: http://L8gb.1clickaccess.info

Roxie Preston

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