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Re: Logical Copying and Internal Paging Code Committed

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: Logical Copying and Internal Paging Code Committed
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 03:48:18 +0200
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At Wed, 06 Apr 2005 18:40:18 +0100,
Neal H. Walfield wrote:
> A major problem right now is the lack of capability passing.  Getting
> the initial next step working will be possible without this, however,
> this is a hard requirement for dynamically open objects on servers.

The reason this was delayed (among others like lack of time) is that
with the upcoming next generation of L4 the cap system is in major
upheaval.  This is both good and bad.  Good, because the next
generation of L4 is potentially much better, but also bad because it
requires us to rethink a lot of the design (and in fact, if the next
generation L4 falls short, we are in trouble).

I have done some very deep thinking on this, and there are several
major conclusions so far.  More to come.

There is a good argument to be made to implement some sort of
capability passing anyway just to get on with the rest of the code.
OTOH, there is also potential to just implement the new design even on
the old version of L4, using global IDs for capabilities protected by
sparsity (ie, random numbers).  I want to at least consider this route
so we don't invest any further in a design bound to perish.


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