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Re: booting l4-Hurd, memory unaligned

From: Andreas B. Mundt
Subject: Re: booting l4-Hurd, memory unaligned
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 11:02:40 +0200
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>Would you mind sending the full output?  There's some stuff printed
>early on that might help in figuring out why you got that error.


Hi Derek,

here is (almost) the full output:

a few lines too fast to follow, then:

laden:debug_dump: Booted by GNU GRUB 0.95
laden:debug_dump: Memory: Lower 639 KB, Upper 523200 KB
laden:debug_dump: Module 1: Start 0x198000, End 0x1c1e7a, Cmd 
laden:debug_dump: Module 2: Start 0x1c2000, End 0x1d6e22, Cmd 
laden:debug_dump: Module 3: Start 0x1d7000, End 0x1e05a8, Cmd /l4/boot/wortel-D
laden:debug_dump: Module 4: Start 0x1e1000, End 0x1f72c8, Cmd /l4/boot/physmem
laden:debug_dump: Module 5: Start 0x1f8000, End 0x20f3c8, Cmd /l4/boot/task
laden:debug_dump: Module 6: Start 0x210000, End 0x2277c8, Cmd /l4/boot/deva
laden:debug_dump: Module 7: Start 0x228000, End 0x23f3c8, Cmd /l4/boot/task
laden:debug_dump: Module 8: Start 0x240000, End 0x250288, Cmd /l4/boot/ruth
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 1: Type 1, Base: 0x0, Length: 0x9fc00
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 2: Type 2, Base: 0x9fc00, Length: 0x400
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 3: Type 2, Base: 0xf0000, Length: 0x10000
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 4: Type 1, Base: 0x100000, Length: 0x1fef0000
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 5: Type 3, Base: 0x1fff0000, Length: 0x8000
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 6: Type 4, Base: 0x1fff8000, Length: 0x8000
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 7: Type 2, Base: 0xffee0000, Length: 0x2ffff
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 8: Type 2, Base: 0xfec00000, Length: 0x1000
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 9: Type 2, Base: 0xfee00000, Length: 0x1000
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 10: Type 2, Base: 0xfff80000, Length: 0x80000
laden: error: Memory region (0xffee0000-0xfff0fffe) is unaligned

I hope this is correct now (my first posting contains a typo in the addresses 
:-( ,sorry)

Best regards


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